Vision set on you for 60 years


Dr. Roger Zaldivar founded Instituto Zaldivar in Mendoza and created the first corneas bank in Argentina.
Instituto Zaldivar

It is said that the most important thing in a great story is how it begins, and in our case, it started in 1959 when Dr. Roger Eleazar Zaldivar not only created the first bank of corneas in Argentina, but also founded an institution that would become a world leader: Instituto Zaldivar.


Instituto Zaldivar acquired the first ruby ​​laser in South America.
Instituto Zaldivar

Every step we make, we do it having your vision in mind. Instituto Zaldivar, vision set on you for 60 years. Two years after its foundation, Instituto Zaldivar developed a unique innovation in the continent that would make a difference in the history of Ophthalmology: the first ruby ​​laser in South America. Moving forward is not always easy, but once you take the first step, nothing can stop you.


Aged only 16, Roberto Zaldivar entered Medical School at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, where he graduated as a physician being only 22 years old.
Instituto Zaldivar

To think about the future is to work hard in every single step we make, and at Instituto Zaldivar we know this from the very beginning.


Dr. Roberto Zaldivar specialized in the United States and then he returned to Argentina, to work with his father.
Instituto Zaldivar

More than three decades ago, Dr. Roberto Zaldivar traveled to the United States where he studied with the most recognized doctors in the world. Years later, he returned to Argentina to work with his father dedicating himself to refractive surgerya surgical subespecialty which aim is to reduce or eliminate the dependence on glasses in patients


Fundación Zaldivar is created
Instituto Zaldivar

In our institute we wanted to help as many people as possible to overcome their visual problems, so, in 1990, we created Fundación Zaldivar, a charity organisation which helps hundreds of children throughout the country year after year to give them an early diagnosis of their visual problems so that they can grow up healthy and happy.


The Argentine Society of Refractive Cornea and Cataract, acronym in Spanish (SACRyC) is founded having Dr. Roberto Zaldivar as president.
Instituto Zaldivar

The honor of being in history. 24 years ago, Dr. Roberto Zaldivar had the privilege of becoming the first president of SACRYC. Recognition is one of the most important values ​​to grow and improve each year and this milestone was the engine of great advances in our Institute.


Incorporated the first wavefront laser in Latin America. The virtual or telemedicine consultation program began, in real time between Mendoza and Buenos Aires.
Instituto Zaldivar

Technology is one of our banners. Thanks to it, we are looking for new ways to take care of the visual health of more patients. Shortening distances, improving the speed and accuracy of our treatments and, above all, improving the quality of life of those who choose our Institute.


Dr. Roberto Zaldivar received the Innovators Lecture in Germany, becoming the first Spanish-speaking doctor to receive this distinction.
Instituto Zaldivar

Throughout his career, Dr. Roberto Zaldivar has been recognized by multiple institutions for his work in the world of ophthalmology, but the "Innovators Lecture" had a special value. Dr. Roberto Zaldivar became the first Spanish-speaking doctor to have been recognized with this award, this being one of the most important awards that ophthalmology and Argentine medicine has received in history.


Dr. Roberto Zaldivar is was recognized as one of the 100 most influential ophthalmologists in the world by “The Ophthalmologist”.
Instituto Zaldivar

The prestigious English publication ‘The Ophtalmologist’ included Dr. Zaldivar in his Power List, with the added value of having been chosen by his peers. Only two professionals from Latin America were awarded in this edition (Dr. Zaldivar was joined by Dr. Renato Ambrosio from Brazil). Again, the avant-garde and innovative spirit of Dr. Roberto Zaldivar was highlighted in the history of Argentine ophthalmology with this recognition.


Inaugurating the new operating room in Buenos Aires
Instituto Zaldivar

After many years of design and planning, a dream finally came true! In October of 2020, a new operating room was opened in our Institute, located at Callao 1870, in Recoleta Buenos Aires. This accomplishment allows us to improve the quality of life for more people, by helping them restore their vision.