Residency in ophthalmology

Instituto Zaldivar

Residence Program 2019

Instituto Zaldivar

The Ophthalmology Residency Program of Instituto Zaldivar seeks to train specialists who can perform the Ophthalmological Practice in the curative, preventive and rehabilitation fields, with a strong inclination to applied clinical research and social responsibility.

This program has the Official Recognition of the Health Ministry of the province of Mendoza since 2002 and is listed as a First Level residence with a duration of four (4) years and a Teaching Year of eleven (11) months.

The School Year begins on the first business day of the month of June and the entry is by contest, integrated and approved by the Health Ministry of the province of Mendoza; having availability of one or more places per year depending on internal previsions of the Department of Medical Education, Research and Development and according to the Health Ministryof the Province of Mendoza, Argentina.

Residents' assistance is ten hours (10) daily, Monday through Friday, and four hours (4) on Saturdays. Passive guard hours are weekly and rotating; There is a rotation for an active guard service in one of the pedagogical units assigned to the program and external to the Institution.

The assistance and educational activities are in charge of the medical staff members and invited teachers. In turn, residents are encouraged to enroll and participate in refresher and / or postgraduate courses sponsored by the Argentine Ophthalmology Council, acronym in Spanish (CAO), and the International Ophthalmology Council, acronym in Spanish (ICO), as well as in the other events or courses taught by the Argentine Ophthalmology Council, the Argentine Society of Ophthalmology, acronym in Spanish (SAO) and the Mendocinian Association of Ophthalmology, acronym in Spanish (AMO).

During the training period residents have the opportunity to attend the different subsidiaries of the Institution, both the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and in the inside of Argentina, as well as to carry out internships for hospitals or institutions linked to the specialty. Finally, through the actions of the Fundación Zaldivar, resident doctors access the solidarity campaigns in visual health that it performs throughout the year.

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