Instituto Zaldivar

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Fundación Zaldivar develops and enhances the CSR actions of the Instituto Zaldivar for the community where it operates, with the mission of providing ophthalmological care for children and adults who lack medical-social coverage. This attention consists of tasks of prevention, detection and diagnosis, of surgical and clinical treatment and monitoring of their visual pathologies.

Fundación Zaldivar is a non-profit organization created in 1990 by Dr. Roger Eleazar Zaldivar, with the desire to provide ophthalmological assistance to the population that lacked the means to access a qualified visual health system, based on experience and trajectory of its own promoters. Continuing with the work Dr. Roberto Zaldivar and Dr. Roger Zaldivar (grandson) today perpetuate the social and personal commitment to continue working to improve the visual quality of children and the elderly who need it most.